Friday, April 23, 2010

'Going Back To My Roots' (Disco Mix) by Lamont Dozier (1977)

Zartek is in the house, Earth people!  
I know you haven't heard from me in a long time and this was mainly due to my job doing feldercarp cleanup back in the Nelion Galaxy. After 5 years I'd just had it, so I quit.  Now it's all music, all the time. This means you're much more likely to see gems popping up here on AHOF.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled!  
I thought it would be appropriate to return with this (unreal) Dozier classic. Here we have the much sought after disco mix from an original pressing of the promo only single, cut at 45.  
Listen to the words and get lost in this one (pause).  


Zardoz's Body said...

Zartek Returns man!!!! Been dying for space nuggets (pause). Frak feldercarp!! Thanks for the treats!

V ! said...


Zartek said...

Greetings Robots! Welcome back to you guys as well!

Mike Davies said...

very nice.
I like it.

Dolly.G said...

nice post

Basto said...

Hi your blog is very nice

Merci pour toutes les découvertes ^^

herman5115 said...

fuck yeah - man - It's hard to express how much inspiration you gave me with what you share here - glad you're back - keep on keeping up !! all the best !

the saucer people said...

yeah yeah, great you were back and all that but one comment on the actual track...I think people missed out on the fact that this is the Extended Disco Mix....EXTENDED DISCO MIX!!!,

Maan the way the whole track is underscored by those rolling tom-toms, I think even if you were pronounced clinically brain dead your limbs would still twitch to this record.....and I am sure like your good alien self that you love the original but maybe its hearing it one to many times...I dunno but this mix just feels so damned fresh....33 years old?!?? time makes no sense to me anymore!

Did I mention how much I love the break that begins with the piano around 6:31 and then the African singing and instruments kick in....then the piano and chant explodes!

one for the machine elves ;)

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