Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Free Yourself' by Virgo (1986)

This is it... right here.  Man.  
As most of you probably know, there were 2 different groups of producers who recorded as Virgo and released records on Trax.  Here we have Marshall Jefferson and Adonis.  Two monsters of dancefloor magic.  I believe that this cut was a Jefferson solo effort, as Adonis is only credited on one of the other gems on this 12", "My Space."  I'm sure that title sounded a lot doper in '86.  
It seems to me that 'Free Yourself' was beamed down from space, directly to tape.  Even as a space explorer, I don't know where it came from.  It's just amazing.  As soon as it starts, and until it ends, you're in it.  Once it ends, it's almost as if you've had an out of body experience.  Original pressing, sounds tough.  Free Yourselves.


Vinyl-Holic said...

Nice to see some Chicago house here. Thanks!

the saucer people said...

This is the kind of music the Star Wars Cantina Band should have been dropping in the bar scene..the kind of music you just know is popular on a small planet in the Andromedean constellation.

...freakin' dope dOod as the kids no longer say....

Absolutely bizarre when the second incarnation of Virgo manifested itself that no-one as Trax said..."erm...already had that one..." guess it was one of their "marketing ploys" as the guy was pretty up front about it been a money making machine...hows the wax given the fact its an original pressing? (I have had some excellent Trax pressings over the years and I think sometimes their dodgy wax tag is a little exaggerated....though not always, had a couple of terribly pressed records from Trax)

Anyways as always huge kudos for sharing this uber-rarity *much applause*

the saucer people said...

Zartek...I have sent out an intergalactic distress signal...we are running out of cool space music on planet earth and desperately need your assistance ;)

The stocks you left us with have kept us grooving for months but I fear the situation may soon become critical.

" us Obi-Wan-Zartek, you are our only hope......"

Zardoz's Body said...

Zartek seriously man where you at?? Jk...But yeah groove strength is waning. I fear if we don't get some bass in the rear thrusters all may be lost. You are the Earth's only hope!!

Zardoz's Body said...

Yo Z where you at man??? Dying out here. Cosmic vibe draught.

Anonymous said...


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