Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from the Disco Abyss!

As is often the case with the Awesome Hall of Fame, it's been far too long since the last update. I felt that I needed to do something a little special for this comeback post, so I asked my close friend and fellow disco addict, Travis "TK" Disko, if he'd like to be a guest curator. He gladly accepted.
TK and I met through our love of all things dancefloor. He never ceases to amaze me with his
encyclopedic knowledge of disco and house and the depth of his record crates. I'll go to his house, look through an entire stack of records, and not know a single one. That doesn't happen to me often.
TK inspires dancefloor bliss with his sets at Hot Biscuit, the monthly LA party that he hosts along with fellow house addicts, Ian Raikow and Kerri Weavil. Before moving to LA, TK was up in San Francisco throwing the infamous Gun Club party, A&Ring releases on Smash Hit Music, and making tracks with 40 Theives.
So, loyal readers of AHOF, here are 3 selections from TK, and 2 selections from your old pal Zartek. You also may notice that the mp3 artwork style has been updated too. Enjoy!


dkr said...

Hey Zartek!

thanks for the tracks, it's great to finally put some names to the music, and finding some great gems too!


Bob said...

keep these a coming.........gotta love those hidden nuggets!

Zartek said...

Thanks guys! Got some really special ones planned for the next update. Coming pretty soon!

V ! said...

I'm excited!

Frosty said...

Super job. Lemme get one. dj Frosty philly

Zardoz's Body said...

Zarttek come back!!! 2010 needs you like no other Earth year ever has!! Hope all is well! Burn a space nugget for me!

Anonymous said...

Hey what's up in Nelion ?