Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Step On Out (Rhythm Track)' by U.S.A. - European Connection (1983)

This one makes Zartek do the WonkWonk dance! A very popular dance on Zarnof 4. Go bass! Go! Wonk! WonkWonk!

Boris Midney. His records, as we all know, were either here or there. This one is certainly here. I love the relentless funk bass, and the sick steel drum part that sneaks in late in the song. A choice touch! This is a great record to have in the (physical or virtual) crate. TK always tries to steal this one from me when I'm not looking, so I thought I'd post it for his guest spot here this week and hope that he'll just take the file and bugger off.
Step On Out, TK!

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superior writer said...

Great song in recent time and I’m listening it on repeat and just can’t get over it.