Wednesday, June 10, 2009

‘My Soul Unwraps Tonight (Extended Mix)’ by Savage Progress (1984)

I heard this track a few years ago on a mix that electro producer Rude 66 did. I know Ruud, so I wrote him and asked what it was. He was like 'You don't know this one?' Alas, I didn't know it! He told me what it was, and I found a copy not long after for peanuts. What initially caught my ear was the back and forth vox between Carol Isaacs and one of the male members of the group (possibly Glynnis). Unique, silly, playful, yet sexy at the same time. This is one of those records that stands alone. I don't have anything else that sounds like it. Apparently the members of the group were all from very different, diverse backgrounds and that's clear in the wonderful noise they made together.
Hopefully your soul will unwrap tonight too.

I insist that you take a minute to watch the video for this one. Words cannot explain...


Zardoz's Body said...

Best Day Ever!!! Just recovered from Super Flu and being back at work was sucking!!! At least I have some space love to rock with!! Thanks Z!!

Scratch22 said...

Great post mate, just found your page i'm so grateful for your posts and the effective way you post DL links with quicktime etc

the saucer people said...

Well freaky deaky! This is what this track is called! I remember hearing it years ago and as soon as I heard that intro it all came flooding back....what a tune! sheer catch-call deranged genius.

You also checked out their "Heart Begin To Beat (An Extended Mad Mix)"?

Pretty damned gorgeous mix with a hint of complete madness...the way they throw in the most bizarre of melodies....thanks for rescuing the track from the memory hole, most appreciated.