Sunday, March 18, 2007

‘The Garden’ by ‘Lectric Workers (1982)

It took me a long time to find this record. It’s so wacky but so hot. The vocalist, Funny Randon (nice name), is singing about some girl on girl encounters. Italo production Gods, Rago & Farina, just go wild on this one. Unlike ‘The Man From Colours’ and ‘Life With You,’ the sound quality on this record is totally acceptable. I don’t know how those other records got to sound so amazingly poor, even though the music was so great. ANY WAY YOU WANT IT.

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Sam said...

Hey - I totally appreciate this 'Lectric Workers cut; I've been trying to track this down forever. Plenty of other masterpieces among the blog, too (haven't heard Organized Konfusion since I was like, 13 - awesome). Keep up the kick-ass work