Sunday, March 18, 2007

Communicating with ZARTEK

I am often not on planet Earth. Just last week I was called back to Zarnof 4 for Feldercarp cleanup. AGAIN! The Glak creatures have been mating more than usual this centon, producing way too much Feldercarp. Who has to deal with it? ZARTEK.
I noticed that there were hundreds of downloads last week. Fantasmo! If you would like to communicate with me, but do not want to leave a comment, now you can use E-mail. My friends at Computer Life were kind enough to give me an Earth E-mail address. zartek [at] computerliferecordings [dot com]


Anonymous said...

you are a handsome devil. What are the ladies like in the Nelion Galaxy?

Zartek said...

Greetings anonymous reader. Thank you for your comments. I was actually 'Mr. Slag" in 6305. It is sort of like a "Mr. Universe" award here on Earth. That being said I get much green booty on Zarnof! Zarnofian females were featured once on the original Star Trek series, and Kirk was getting wood for them. That should tell you what the ladies are like! The Nelion Galaxy, that's hard to cover. So many planets and moons!

the cameraface said...

Zartek, you are a pervert.

Anonymous said...

Is this e-mail address still valid?