Tuesday, June 23, 2015

'Black Coco' by Painel De Controle (1978)

Just in time for your summer pool party, this Brazilian beauty arrives.  I found this in Boston a few years back based purely on that feeling we all get when we're out digging through the stacks and find something interesting.  'Black Coco' is off of Painel De Controle's 1978 album 'Desliga O Mundo,' which I'd love to find for a decent price.  Based on the sound of this single, I'd love to find all of their albums.  The production is fantastic.  Beautifully imperfect, and full of life.  


Anonymous said...

this is fantastic....

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Anonymous said...

I found several things through AHOF 5-6 years ago and tonight it struck me to check here again.. so awesome that everything is still current and there's a good 20 new tracks to check out. Sir, you are a true historian!

Tekkima said...

Summer is coming so does season of pool parties, always look for some energetic music for such parties. Thank you for sharing it