Thursday, June 11, 2009

‘Wicked (Lucifer Mix)’ by Mistress Mix and Psychic TV (1989)

This is one of the many records I picked up at Leopold's in Berkeley back in the day thanks to my old teenage friend and then roommate Nathan, a.k.a 2-4 (if it were'nt for him who knows what kind music I'd be listening to today).
The two bands that really got me into dance music were Psychic TV and Cabaret Voltaire.. Nathan was a huge PTV fan and when he turned me onto 'Jack the Tab's Acid Tablets Volume One,' I never looked back. This track in particular came out a year before on the 'Tekno Acid Beat' compilation and was later released in '89 as the b-side to 'Ja Taime.' I love both records but I always seem to play this version as it's a full sided, loud as hell, 12" pressing.
I don't have too many other records that sound quite like this. Its definitely a late night kind of joint and every time I play it, someone comes up to me and asks: 'WTF is this?? Is it acid house? Is it new beat? Is it balearic?' Who cares! Cheers Nate!!
-Travis "TK" Disko


V ! said...

I LOVE THIS PTV release! Thank you!

Marathon Man said...

my ex girlfriend when I met her lived with Genesis P orridge. I had a Throbbibg Gristle poter on my wall so I was pretty stoked. I first saw Psychic Tv at a rave at Ceasers Latin in 93 or so, don't drink thee water! That totally tripped me out. Awesom!!!!! blog!!!! by the way. I'm totally playing these songs at my party coming up, Disko Lords. it's a disco party and I've looking for some of these song FOREVER. thanks so much, you rock!

the saucer people said...

Good to see someone else mentioning PTV as a trajectory into the acid house. It really annoys me when ever the origins myth of house music is recounted that PTV never get the credit they deserve...I guess because it does not fit easily into the Ibiza/Chicago/New York narrative.

I was a little to young to catch TG but the first time I saw PTV was on the Godstar tour in 85/86 and I have been into them ever since....many people I knew into PTV including myself got into acid house around 87/88 as a result of GPO's early radar onto these new sounds coming out on Trax, they were pioneers of dance music and yet when they are discussed at all in relation to "the early days" they get dismissed for somehow "cashing in" rather than some of the first people in the UK to pick up on the early acid-house scene...and as far as the visual aspects of early rave culture, PTV were creating neo-psychedelic TAZ like events way before the late eighties.

Anyway, rant over! This is a great blog as I am sure you already know ;)

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