Monday, June 16, 2008

‘Are You Automatic’ by Electra (1983)

“I am programmed for 4 minutes of pleasure” (girl rapidly trying to find the duration control).
Here we have yet another song about cybernetic love. Never can have enough if you ask me. Are you asking me? Are you automatic? Clearly Electra had just about had it with average Earthmen. They weren’t doing it for her and she was sick and tired of not getting off. She needed some programmable robot sex.
1983 was the golden year of Italo, and along with stand out classics like Flagio, Mr. Master, Charlie, and Casco, were some -not quite as good, but still pretty good- records like this one. The beat is the same as ‘Tenax’ by Diana Est, but I never did care for that record too much. Just enough to keep me up.


Matthew said...

Wooo Hoooo!!! I haven't had a monday this epic!! since January 14th!!! Thanks for the treats!! Hows outer space?? Earth is getting warm and lame. Wow. This week has to be great with an ahof post on Monday!! Thanks again!

Zartek said...

Greetings Matthew. Glad you enjoyed the post! When things get to 'extreme suck' it's time to dive back into the disco crates and have some fun.
Sorry to hear of your warming Earth.

Anonymous said...

Tenax is waaaaaaaay better produced than this shit!!!

Anonymous said...

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the saucer people said...

Is this the same Electra who along with Tara Butler produced perhaps the protohouse classic 'Feels Good (Carrots & Beets) from which Jamie Principle sampled the bassline to 'Your Love' which along with Shari Vari is considered THE first house record.....guess I could go on Discogs and find out, but it kinda spoils the interactive fun though as this was posted nearly three years ago, the chances of a reply as slim to zero ;)

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