Wednesday, April 11, 2007

'Love and Happiness' by Monty Alexander (1974)

What is it about a good Al Green cover. It's just bound to kill. I call it a testament to his music and a reminder of how good the songwriting really is. When you hear the melody in another setting away from the Reverend himself, it hits you. Magic. Now, Monty's version. This is one of those strong songs that is made still better as you hear the tricky samples nestled throughout. The Beatnuts own this thing. And in 1999, we all really wanted to own it too. Badly. Not everyone was up on it and the first time you heard it your mind was blown. I need to thank Baronrok for graciously handing me this obscenely inexpensive copy at Roundagain in Providence. And Monty, tell those haters to go screw. You shredded it.


Anonymous said...

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