Friday, April 20, 2007

‘Free Soul’ by John Klemmer (1969)

Sometimes I just need to put on a record like this and drink some space-lemonade. The depths of space can be lonely sometimes. Enter ‘Free Soul’ by John Klemmer. This song always gets the mission moving. Klemmer released a slew of records, but this is the only one I have. Cadet Records, 1969? So many great records were released on this label during this time period. Great music, artwork, and quality pressings. Klemmer just wyles out on the sax. Near the end of the song he even starts yelping here and there. Just feeling it so hard! (PAUSE) I hope you’ll enjoy this summertime groove as much as I do. 
As per John's request, I've taken this link down.  Since the original post, 'Free Soul' has become available on iTunes


alphastart said...


Beezer B said...

Cadet Concept had the best music. Damn.
Theres a couple other decent Klemmer joints but he's pretty patchy. I wish Cadet Concept had lasted twenty years instead of, what, four? They'd have put out some great disco. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Zartek,
If you so admire & appreciate John's Music [& others] why would you want to fuck over him & his Music & offer it as a free download taking $ out of his & others pocket? We believe that all so-called "fans of Artists" who are so defensive about their ability & percieved freedom to download & share music are hypocritical & full of shit. How admirable & appreciative it would from artists if you offered a "portion" of the track for people giving them the opportunity to hear what you are excited about & want to share & then others possibly go buy the complete track if they like it. How "soulful" that would be if you & others did that. Everyone blames the record companys etc. for being such "bad people" while all you "devoted fans & music lovers" literally [if not proudly] steal music & then pass it around & actually feel like victims if you are somehow curtailed. You want music for free, because, you "can". Have you ever had your "toys" stolen when a little kid? Of course you did. How did it feel 'bro?

Zartek said...

Dear Touch Management,

I don't remember having any toys stolen. Therefore I cannot tell you how it felt 'bro. I don't remember stealing this song. I do remember paying nearly $75 for the record and digitizing it. Please let me know where this song can be purchased so I can pass the info on to my readers. What CD is it available on? I'd love to know. I hope you feel better after getting your feelings out. I'm not blaming anybody for anything. I don't remember posting any feelings about the music industry on here either. I'm certainly not sitting her in my chair plotting to fuck people over. Like I said, tell me where this track is available for my readers to purchase. Thanks for stopping by!


AUTHOR said...

Re; "FREE SOUL"-so-called ["Live Version]-can be purchased at iTUNES & AMAZON & other sites for.$.99. The "BLOWIN GOLD" CD from which "Free Soul" came from, is, hard to get right now, but it's out there. Japan release; etc. It's even available on "compilations".
Did you check? Easy to do if want to. Remove the track or replace the track with the downloads links please AND maybe just have a brief clip. Not hard huh?
The thing is, yes, you are just sitting there doing your thing having fun & "not trying to fuck anyone" etc. But, see man, that's the problem! You & others dont realize the facts of what you are doing! [Or even care once you do?] There are now about 3 generations of "kids" who are now so used to getting music for free [never bought a cd or never been in a record store [they're all gone now!] that noone realizes the concept of "intellectual property". All are really used to & really truly believe that the music is rightfuly there's for free to do what they please with it & get "mad" if told otherwise! All these "seemingly crazy" lawsuits against college kids & little old ladies in pasedena by the Record companies isn't to "get $". They are using that tactic to try to "re-educate" the public [by fear if necessary] that "music" [Intellectual Property] & "film" etc. etc. is NOT for free! If you had a great idea for something-a product etc.-how would you feel if someone just came along & took & used it? You'd say; "Hey MF, that was MY idea!" So how do you think artists-songwriters etc. feel? As well as the $ lost.
It would be so much easier if blogs etc. offered "clips" of songs [like AMAZON etc. does] to get a "taste" & if like, buy it, or, start requesting it & creating a demand for the record that might help record companys & artists to get it out there!
Artists & Songwriters etc. are getting KILLED by downloading and the record companies are freaking out because of it all making it a nightmare or more for artists to record-or to record good stuff again! To make up for loss's to downloading, record companies, in their new contracts[called "360 deals"] now take a % of the artists live performances!, t-shirts etc. sales-anything & everything!
If you love the music-really love the music & therefore love the artists who made/make the music, all you "uploaders & downloaders" can REALLY HELP OUT THE ARTISTS to change things! You guys could literally CHANGE the music & music biz for the positive in the entire WORLD! Artists would not be forced to record the "shit" terrified records companies are forcing them to record right now, taking a chunk of live performance etc. earnings & almost literally making it immpossible for artists to survive. You see al the "baby boomer" acts out there on the road now because they can't make any # off of record or song royalties & they dont have the "new 360 deals" to cope with. If downloading hadn't killed the music biz the song & the cd you like would likly still be in print, or feel the demand for it, in CD etc., for you to buy, and, it even would be CHEAPER than $75!
All say it's the "big bad record companies" fault, the way things are right now. It's not true. It's the downloading killing their profits. [They "are" business's just most likly yours and others!]I know-"cd's too expensive" & claiming bull like "only 1 good song on a cd etc." [How is it humanly possible for all artists to make EVERY SONG, -12? 13?, on a CD a "masterpiece?"] Don't you think THEY would like it to be that way? Most are doing the best they can like you & everybody else in their work & private lives. Now record companies are going nuts klling the music & artists & now, man, "it's "permanent"! It's, no $, bad music & hell for artists,[& the public] from now on. Watch & see! BUT, like I said, Everyone could literally CHANGE THE WORLD-business
-music & society etc.! IF you ALL changed the downloading stuff. Or is getting something for "free" & the thrill of "shop-lifting-
stealing" etc. more important & fun for many? Maybe so. You see. It's a "moral & ethical" situation even more than "$" etc.
Don't you see its"the principle"-
"the philosopy" etc. of it all that's the point! Not just "you" etc. Do you or anyone KNOW the hell & crap Klemmer & other artists had to go through to record this music? You literally would not believe it- A "fight" all the way, trying to get the $-budgets-fight to record something "new" etc. & then getting cheated etc. in royalties etc.from record companies etc.![All artists new that & expected that. Why? Because everyone KNEW that if the record companies didnt "fudge" on royalties they & everyone literally could not stay in business! Artists knew & accepted that. It was worth it to keep recording & trying to make great music, and, do what you loved! Maybe even get successful, famous & a "stars"! Just so later on, now, everyone can enjoy it for free while signing "360 degree" record deals &
"selling their souls" etc. to keep doing what they love, survive & "entertain" all.
The primary reason for downloading, on top of whats said above here, is simply this; "You can" & therefore "you do". Simple as that. THAT'S "the truth".
Realize the power you never had before as a consumer- you can literally change the world! If you want & have the guts! ["Well, do 'ya punk?" [:)]-Clint Eastwood in movie.][:)]
Thanks for giving me/us the opportunity to present our side of things on all this. Wish EVERYONE could at least read this to consider & understand it all. Ain't pick'in on you man. Trying to use a platform to inform some really important stuff many might not know or realize.We all in this life together. Maybe you & others who come to this & other similar sites can help spread the word-inform etc.?
We ALL love the music man!!!!:))))
Thanks again & thanks for "lovin the music"! :)))

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Stretch said...

Whatever...if it wasn't for this blog half of us probably would have never heard of these people or totally forgot about them. Zartek thanks for sharing and educating people on music they never heard before.

i the t said...

anyone would think it's a human right to make money out of selling music