Wednesday, March 28, 2007

‘Distant Planet’ by The Voyagers (1983)

This song might as well be called 'Zartek’s Theme.’ I am in fact from a very, very distant planet. This is one of the best Discomagic releases. It has that nostalgic 80’s feeling you might get from watching ‘Splash.’ Maybe not. Hahahahaha. This is one of my favorite records to listen to on my space cruiser during epic journeys through the galaxies.


Sean Donson said...

I love this song. I love Splash. I owe it all to Zartek. Except for the Splash part.

Zartek said...

Hey Sean! Thanks for stopping by man. This song rules! Glad you like it.

surrender said...

this song and jacno's triangle should get married and retire in the keys

the saucer people said...

Yeah! The Voyagers! Distant Planet! Vocal Mix! Instrumental Mix! 1983!

Glad to see another space brother digging the 'Distant Planet' track, definitely one of my all time favourite eighties space-electro/cosmic disco releases, its just packed full of dense synth-pop goodness and yet with a beautiful melancholic 'nostalgia for the future' vibe about it....eighties space was the place ;)