Sunday, March 18, 2007

’24 Hours From Culture – Part II’ by New Musik (1981)

New Musik was a synth-pop band fronted and produced by Tony Mansfield. Tony Mansfield was the man. He was the producer behind some of the best records of the 80’s. ‘Always Something There to Remind Me’ and ‘Promises, Promises’ by Naked Eyes, along with most of the ‘Hunting High and Low’ LP by Ah-Ha. I got this record in 1999 from my friend Barry Lederer, famous for being one half of the Graebar sound system team. He pointed it out and enthusiastically said, “I think you’ll like this one!” Sure enough I did. The A-side, ‘The Planet Doesn’t Mind,’ is also a great track, but ’24 Hours’ is a little more off the beaten path. Some pure, dark, electronic sex music right here. I think it was on some comp recently but frankly I don’t give a damn. Put this on next time you’re getting some!


Anonymous said...

Seriously...thank you so much for that. I used to own that record, and really took a liking to the beat and its awesome bass sounds. Also the snare the way it hits on a 3/4 is so sweet.


Danny Rind said...

yippee!! Found a mint copy of this today at a car-boot sale!

Zartek said...

Good find man! I really love that record. Understated and fun. Happy hunting from Zartek!

the saucer people said...

Many thanks for posting the New Musik '24 Hours From Culture' its astonishing to think how ahead of the curve they were given the fact the track is nearly 30 years old!

New Musik have always had a soft spot in my heart due to the fact 'Living By Numbers' & 'This World Of Water' were amongst the first records I bought as a kid growing up in the late 70s/early 80s (and those two tracks still sound amazing!)

If you don't have it I found a great rip (256 bitrate MP3) of the Japanese 2001 re-issue of their 1982 last and best album 'Warp' with the extra tracks on it at New Romantic Rules blog:

I also found the other two albums they did at the most excellent Saltyka blog:

FROM A TO B [1980]:


Also just in case you can get the 1989 cover version of '24 Hours From Culture' by Belgian new beat combo 'Twice Of Love'. I remember this track getting played loads at warehouse parties & 'raves' in the North of England around 89/90 (very popular at the Manchester Hacienda if memory serves!)

The very talented Alien Delon (check out his re-edits) has posted the cover version on his wonderful blog:

There was also a great American electo version from 1983 of the New Musik track 'The Planet Doesn't Mind', let me know if you have not heard it, its so so good.

Hope you don't mind me posting links on your blog, I just think its important not to just passively consume blogs like they were some free Itunes and its good to actively contribute by leaving comments, thank you's, links and 'did you knows.....'

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